Boisol Cleaner Supplier in Mumbai Port, JNPT Port, Masjid Bunder.

Biosol Cleaner is a very effective cleaner for sticky PU, Gasious,Oily and Greasy mess, Fully active cleaner specially formulated  for the removal of  tuff oily stains residues, with out the need for Scrubbing or Brushing  which can cause mechanical damages to surface and result in poor performance. Field test have shown that this is very gentle with personnel and on metallic colour surface. It should always be used at full strength to obtain maximum benefits.

Rocor NB Liquid

Rocor NB Liquid is a unique formulation with organic Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti-Scalant for the common ferrous and non-ferrous metals found in engine cooling water systems, closed  cooling  water  systems. It is a concentrated liquid used for preventing  corrosion and scale formation  in  Internal combustion engines, compressor cooling system, DG -set at high or low temperature. It prolong the life of equipment by keeping scale and corrosion free.