Fast running product for Marine Shipping Industries. We are keeping ready stock of some of our valuable marine ship maintenance chemicals in our Masjid Bunder location, to fullfill demand of our regular customer. RXSOL brand chemicals are easily available at all major ports of India and Middle East. RXSOL are well known brand name for supply of marine chemicals in Mumbai Port, JNPT, Pirpav, Surat, Kandla, Sikka, Mundra, Goa, Manglore, Visakhapatnam, Kakinda, Chennai, Ennore, Fujairah and Dubai. We are pioneer in chemicals for Deck,Engine, Stroe, Provison related chemicals , Cabin Store chemical, tank cleaning Chemical. We covers MARINE chemical SUPPLY to all India's leading ship chandler ... Serving at all Indian ports of JNPT, Kandla, Mumbai, Mundra, Sika, Pipava, Bedi, Vizag, Chennai, Ennore, Goa.


A. Hardness Controller : RXSOL BRAND Hardness Control    25 Kgs
B. Alkalinity Controller : RXSOL BRAND Alkalinity Control  25 Ltrs
C. Oxygen Scavanger : RXSOL BRAND Oxygen Control         25 Ltrs
D. Sludge Conditioner : RXSOL BRAND Boiler Coagulant      25 Ltrs


Nitrite Borate based corrosion inhibitor – Harmless to ferrous/non ferrous, rubber Jointing materials. ::: RXSOL BRAND Diesel LiquiGuard NB  25 Kgs


Active Scale Controller & anti foaming Agent. :::RXSOL BRAND Vap Treat Sol    25 Ltrs


A. Electric Cleaner: Di -Electric Strength 31000 volts Quick Drying Type. ::: RXSOL BRAND Electrosol QD        25 Ltrs

B. Carbon Remover :::  RXSOL BRAND Carbon Remover    25 Ltrs

C. Oil Spill Dispersant ::: RXSOL BRAND Oil Spill Dispersant 25 Ltrs/210 Ltrs
D. Bilge Cleaner or Oily Water Separator ::: RXSOL BRAND Bilgo Clean Degreaser for  separators and should not harm the operation of oily water separators  25 Ltrs / 210 Ltrs

E. Air Cooler Cleaner for various engine ::: RXSOL BRAND Air Cooler Cleaner  25 Ltrs

F. Descaler suitable for ferrous and non ferrous metal and does not have flash point.  ::: RXSOL BRAND Descaling Liquid       25 Ltrs

i) Powder Descaler ::: RXSOL BRAND Safe Acid / Descalex  25Kgs

ii) Concentrated Descaling Liquid ::: RXSOL BRAND Descaling HD            25 Ltrs

G. General Purpose Degreaser ::: RXSOL BRAND Degreaser GP  25 /210 Ltrs

H. Tank Cleaner Heavy Duty ::: RXSOL BRAND Tank Clean HD    25 / 210 Ltrs
I. Rust Stain Remover ::: RXSOL BRAND Rust Stain Remover 25 Ltrs


A. Sludge Dispersant/Fuel Oil Conditioner ::: RXSOL BRAND Fuel Care   Treat              25 Ltrs

B. Combustion Improver ::: RXSOL BRAND Diesilite Fuel Combustion improver25 Ltrs

C. Deposit Modifier/Combustion Improver ::: RXSOL BRAND ValvocareFuel Ad    25 Ltrs

D. Low Temperature Soot Remover the low activation temp. 200 Deg. Centigrade.  ::: RXSOL BRAND Soot Remover(P)  25 Kg

E. Low Sulphur  Fuel Oil Conditioner ::: RXSOL BRAND Fuel Power Conditioner   25 Ltrs

6. Tank Cleaning Chemicals