Descalex Polymer Effectively used for removal of Scale Deposits from Water Cooled and Heated Equipment.

Descalex Polymer is concentrated liquid with specifically formulated and developed to rapidly clean mineral scale from passages in water cooled and heated equipment. Since the scales are very damaging to the boiler because they interfere with the heat transfer and lead to overheating which eventually rupture boiler. Due to this the boiler efficiency decrease, heat consumption increases and also decreases the shelf life of the equipment. To overcome the problem, the Descalex Polymer is effectively used for scale deposits removal from all types of water cooled and water heated equipment.

Aquatuff High Foam Supplier in Mumbai, Turbhe, Masjid Bunder.

Aquatuff high foam alkaline formula makes unique among other marine cleaning detergents. Aquatuff creates high dense foam with high-pressure machine which is helpful to apply to the vertical surface during hold cleaning operation. Aquatuff contains high foam ingredients along with other surfactant composition, Its small qty can create high dense foam during application with the high-pressure