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Triazine based H2S scavenger and Corrosion Inhibitor

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To Prevent H2S Corrosion in distillation Columns overhead system.

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To Prevent H2S Corrosion in distillation Columns overhead system. Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger -RXSOL-11-5014-210  corrosive and Acidic GAS Remover

H2S Scavengers and Speaciality Chemicals to Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure

Harmful and Colorless toxic gas, Toxic Odor like rotten egg in to the working environment is due to presence of good amount of Hydrogen Sulfide in the system.  

Hydrogen Sulfide is corrosive and Acidic GAS towards metal equipment practically observed that within 5 years can cause millions of dollars in damage to infrastructure.

RX Marine International offers a compleate line of water soluble and oil soluble hydrogen sulfide scavengers that can be applied via continous injection or through batch treatments.

HS Code : 3811900

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Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) naturally occurs and may already by present information can be the result of sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) in your process systems. Ones established, it can potentially be carried in hydrocarbon streams, resulting in servere gatharing lines, creating high failure rates in your production.

Through strategic H2S scavenger applications and speciality chemicals, RX Marine International chemicals experts can help reduce H2S levels and lower overall solids in your system, reducing any gas or fluid souring while controlling corrosion.

If you encounter hydrogen sulfide in your system, RX Marine International can perform a fluid compatibility test to determine H2S levels and customize a chemical solution to fit your production needs.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger and Corrosion Inhibitor Manufacturer, supplier, Exporter. Product Code :RXSOL-38-2065-210 is very effective  corrosive and Acidic GAS Remover. H2S Scavengers and Speaciality Chemicals to Reduce Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure from atmosphere.

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<p> H2S Philim Plus SK7,Aqua film 1116,C-8001 CDU,175</p>


MMA Triazine is a cyclic tertiary triamine. It is mainly used as a scavenger for sour gases like H2S and mercaptans in gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon streams

The MMA-triazine reacts with H2S or mercaptan resulting in the formation of dithiazines. Both MMA-triazine and its reaction products are readily biodegradable.

MMA-triazine is available as an aqueous solution with concentration up to 42%.

KEY Feature

  •  Can be applied in both aqueous and hydrocarbon streams
  •  Effective removal of H2S down to ppm levels
  •  Product and its reaction products are readily biodegradable

Appearance   Clear, colorless liquid
Autoignition Temperature   190°C
Boiling Point    100% solution149°C
Density    42% solution; at 25°C1.02 g/cm3
Flash Point    Closed Cup88°C
Freezing Point  42% solution <-50°C
Freezing Point100% solution <-27°C

Octanol-water partition coefficient, log Pow   0.76
Vapor Pressure    @ 20°C2.79-3.4 hPa
Viscosity  @ 20°C 13 mPa·s
Viscosity @ 40°C  5.1 mPa·s

Water solubility : Soluble

Carbon Dioxide and H2S Corrosion Inhibitor manufacturer and supplier in Mumbai, Kandla, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah. 


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