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Textiles / Looms-91
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sodium hexahydroxostannate(IV)

Sodium stannate, formally sodium hexahydroxostannate(IV)

Product Description: 

Sodium stannate is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2Sn(OH)6. This colourless salt forms upon dissolving tin or tin dioxide in sodium hydroxide.

Product Application: 

Sodium stannate is used as a stabiliser for hydrogen peroxide.

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CAS No.: 12027-70-2
Color: White
Density: 4.68 g/cm3
Form: Powder
Grade: Industrial
Chemical Formula: Na2SnO3.3H2O
Molecular Weight: 212.69 g/mol
Melting Point: 140 DegreeC
Appearance: white powder
Purity: 42% Tin Content
Free Alkali % by mass, Max. : 6.0(as NaOH)
Insoluble matter, % by mass, Max. : 0.25
Lead as Pb % by mass, Max. : 0.05
Soluble as Sn % by mass, min. : 40
Stannite (as Sn), % by mass, Max. : 0.1
Usage: Cosmetics / Pharma /Electroplating
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Sodium stannate, formally sodium hexahydroxostannate(IV), is the inorganic compound with the formula Na2[Sn(OH)6]. This colorless salt forms upon, AVAILABLE FROM 1KG TO 25 KG PACK SIZE.
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<p> SODIUM STANNATE, Sodium stannate formally sodium hexahydroxostannate(IV)</p>
White to light tan crystals with a characteristic odour
Mordant in dyeing, ceramics, glass, source of tin for electroplating and immersion plating, tex- tile fireproofing, stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide, blueprint paper, laboratory reagent.
Sodium tin(IV) oxide is used as a mordant, fire retardant textiles.
Sodium stannate is used as a salt in alkaline tin plating electrolyte. It is used in surface coatings (paper). It is used in manufacturing other metallic stannates and tin oxide coatings.
The largest use for inorganic tin compounds is in electrolytes for plating tin and tin alloys. The more important plating chemicals are chlorides, sulfates, and fluoroborates in acidic electrolytes and stannates in alkaline solutions. Inorganic-tin compounds are divided into two series: stannous, or tin(II), compounds and stannic, or tin(IV), compounds.Chemically, tin exhibits valencies of 2 and 4. It resists attack by water but is dissolved by strong acids and alkalis. One of common compounds of tin(II) are stannous chloride (SnCl2) used in tin galvanizing, as a reducing agent in the manufacture of polymers and as a mordant in dyeing.; stannous oxide (SnO) employed in making tin salts for chemical reagents and for plating; and stannous fluoride (SnF2) is the additive in fluoride tooth-pastes. Inorganic tin chemicals are used as catalysts in a number of industrial processes. stannous octoate is the catalyst that produces the foaming action that turns the liquid plastic into a foamlike solid structure in the manufacture of polyurethane foam. Tin(IV) compounds of significance include stannic chloride (SnCl4) is widely used as a stabilizer for perfumes and as a starting material for other tin salts; and stannic oxide(SnO2) is a useful catalyst in certain industrial processes and a polishing powder for steel. Tin sulfide is used as a bronzing agent for wood colouring
SODIUM STANNATE [Na2SnO3, CAS RN: 12058-66-1 (Anhydrous) 12209-98-2 (Trihydrate) 12027-70-2 (Hexahydroxide)]: white crystals; insoluble in water, alcohol; used as a salt in alkaline tin plating electrolyte; used in surface coatings (paper), in manufacturing other metallic stannates and tin oxide coatings; also known as preparing salt.

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Sodium stannate is fundamental in the metallurgic industry to remove arsenic and lead and in the ceramics and glass industries. The sodium stannate is applied for the production of tin based compounds and for the stabilization of peroxides. Sodium stannate is also used for tin surface treatment.



STANNOUS CHROMATE, SnCrO4: a brown powder; slightly soluble in water; used to make porcelain and glass; also known as tin chromate.
STANNOUS METHANESULFONATE, Sn(CH3SO3)2, CAS RN: 53408-94-9; electroplating chemical
STANNOUS OXALATE, SnC2O4, CAS RN: 814-94-8, 17480-26-1: aA white crystalline powder; decomposes at 280 C; soluble in acids; used in textile dyeing and printing; also known as tin oxalate.
STANNOUS OXIDE, SnO, CAS RN: 21651-19-4 a black powder; insoluble in water, soluble in acids and strong bases; decomposes when heated; unstable in air; used as a reducing agent and chemical intermediate, and for glass plating; also known as tin protoxide.

STANNOUS SULFATE  [SnSO4, CAS RN: 7488-55-3]: white to yellowish crystalline powder; decomposes rapidly in water; losing SO2 at 360 C; used for dyeing and tin plating; also known as tin sulfate.
STANNOUS SULFIDE [SnS, CAS RN: 1314-95-0]: a dark crystals; insoluble in water, decomposes in concentrated hydrochloric acid; melt point 880 C; used as an analytical reagent and catalyst, and in bearing material; also known as tin monosulfide.
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