Call us - 07506747222, Within 1 Hour materials will be available at BPT - Mumbai Port and JNPT - Nhava Seva port, Directly from our Turbha - MIDC Navi Mumbai Based UNIT. Support is available 24 x 7 for delivery / service

We have standard transport / Taxi service to provide chemicals product to our Mumbai Based Shipchandler. Our Turbha MIDC Based warehouse required maximum time of 60 minutes to reach Mumbai Port or Nhava Seva JNPT port. While our maximum Shipchandler are getting direct benefit to get there chemicals directly from our factory plant, This is not only saving there time and transportation money but also they have direct choice to select Fresh batch materials which is much more effective then old stock which is available in market.

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Our Big stock policy always helps our Mumbai Based Shipchandler to get there materials any time as per there SHIP demand. We are working with shipchandler since 1995, And realized that some times shipchandler are getting good quantities of order for Aquaatuff, Coal Remover, Slip Barrier Coat, Teepol, Tank cleaner etc. And they don't have enough time to supply on board. That time our huge stock policy help them to get materials smoothely. 

SHIP CHANDLER discount -
Shipchandler of Mumbai are getting 50% owner discount. And some time we have stock clearance offer for SPECIAL PRICE.

Turbha MIDC ware house is centrally located in between Mumbai Port to JNPT PORT. In general practice transporter are taking 1 Hours time to reach either to Mumbai Port or JNPT port.

We covers various range of Shipping marine maintenance chemicals -
1. Deck Cabin Galley maintenance Chemicals : This category range covers more then 150 chemicals like degreaser, bilge cleaner, ACC9, carbon remover, Descaling chemicals, Rust remover, Electrosol etc.

2. Hold Cleaning Chemicals : This category covers full range of chemicals to clean BULK carrier. We have many specialized products like cement remover, coal remover, Hold Block, Hold Brite, Teepol, Alkaline cleaner etc.  We have more then 50 types of hold cleaner

3. Tank Cleaning Detergent : Specialized category to clean palm oil, veg oil, lube oil, black to white, metal Bright, CTC VOLC, Alkaline safety Liquid, DI Water, Methanol etc and many more then 140 products

4. Cooling Water treatment  Chemical : Bioguard, Antiscalant, Sodium Molybdate etc full range can be obtained through this link

5. Boiler Water Treatment Chemical : One Shot, Oxygen Scavenger, Hardness Control, Combotreat, Sulfamic Acid, Descalex etc