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Nutrient Solution TSP

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Mumbai, JNPT, Nhava Seva, Pirpav Jetty, Ballard Pier, Mumbai Port Trust, Butcher Island, ONGC EMR Shed, MIdc, Pune, Maharastra
RIGS Oil Field-34
Generic Name: 
Nutrient Solution TSP 10% W/W Tri sodium Phosphate liquid

Phosphate water conditioner yellowish liquid

Product Description: 

Manufacturer supplier and exporter of Nutrient Solution TSP Trisodium Phosphate which is used as nutrition enlargement agent and sequestrant (metal-chelating agent).  Used for softening hard water and also Helps in removing soils and keeping soil from re-depositing.

Product Application: 

Sodium Phosphate Tribasic TSP based Nutrient Solution is also used to clean up all the mineral spirits.

Product Procedure: 
Product Note: 
Product Technical Specification: 


Technical Parameter




  Clear slightly yellowish liquid
Concentration of the supplied product   TSP 10% (w/w)
Dilution % Not required
WWTP   Approx 1.12 lit/kg BOD to be added
Quantity (Initial Charges +Annual consumption +15% spare Charges+ 1%spillage etc)   243.7 m3
Physical Properties    
Colour   Almost Colourless
Odour   Light ammoniated odour
pH (Concentrated product)   Alkaline Powder
pH (aqueous solution)   10.0-10.5 (10 g/lit)
Boiling point/range Degree C 100
Flash Point(Pensky / Martens) Degree C Non
Density at 20*C kg/m3 1.1 g/cm3
Solubility in water % weight Highly soluble
segregation coefficient (Pow)   -2 log
Viscosity at 20*C mPas 5-10 cps
Vapour Pressure at 20*C kg/cm2 20 hPA
Vapour density   Not Applicable
Decomposition Degree C over 130
Freeze point Degree C -5
Ignition Temperature Degree C Non Flammable
Chemicals Properties    
Evaporation result % Anhydrous Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) 10-20%
Product pack size: 
55, 220 Kg Liquid DRUM Clear slightly yellowish Liquid with Odor of Very slight ammoniacal Odor and Color Almost Colourless and Water Solubility : Highly soluble. Also available in IBC Container (100*120*120 cm)
Product alias: 
<p> Nutrient Solution TSP 10% W/W</p>

pH (Aqueous Solution): 10.0-10.5 (10g/lit)
Segregation Coefficient (Pow) : -2 log      
Decomposition (C) : Over 130
Freeze Point (C) : -5
Viscosity @20 C : 5-10 cps
Boiling Point :  100 C
Vapor Pressure @ 20 C : 20 hPA
Density @ 20 C : 1.1 g/cm3

Trisodium Phosphates is available in different forms and helps in softening the water and removes the soil content. Available in

  • Crystal form
  • Anhydrous form

Used for

  • Softening water
  • Removing soil
  • Preventing soil from re depositing

Widely Used in

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Textile industries
  • Food & beverages industries
  • Agriculture industries

TSP is a strong base and can cause severe eye damage and can burn unprotected skin.

Wear suitable clothing and eye protection. Keep away from skin and out of gloves.

Any foliage near where TSP is to be used should be soaked with plain water prior to the application of TSP, and rinsed down afterward. Be sure to read and follow all warnings on the product's packaging.

TSP is a very strong cleaner at the dilutions normally used, which vary from 1/2 cup TSP to 2 gal. warm water for "heavy duty cleaning"  to 1 cup TSP to 3 quarts warm water for "ridiculously heavy duty cleaning"  (source The Savogran Company).  For mildew killing, household bleach is added to the TSP/water mixture.  The recommended ratio is 1 part household bleach to 4 parts water.

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