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Bentonite Soil Conditioning Agent

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Mumbai, JNPT, Nhava Seva, Pirpav Jetty, Ballard Pier, Mumbai Port Trust, Butcher Island, ONGC EMR Shed, MIdc, Pune, Maharastra

Soil Conditioning Electrical Earthing Agent Bentonite Exporter Supplier

Product Description: 

Bentonite Supplier for Oil Field Industries. Moisture retaining clay. Bentonite is used as a backfill to reduce soil resistivity. When mixed with water, it swells to several times its dry volume. The moisture content can be retained for a considerable time. Further moisture can be absorbed during rainfall etc. It can be supplied in either powder or granular form.

Soil Conditioning Electrical Earthing Agent Bentonite Exporter and Supplier

Dependent on soil conditions, 18 No. 25kg bags creates a volume of 1m³.
Product Application: 

• It is Viscosifier and Filtration control agent for water based Mud Systems.
• It is used in drilling muds for controlling bore hole stability. It is utilized in drilling muds to extract drill cuttings from the bit.
• It is also used for clearing cat litter

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50 Kgs, 1000 Kgs Jumbog Bag, 1500 Kgs Jumbo Bag
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Bentonite Powder Electrical Earthing Agent