Seaclean Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai Port, JNPT ( Nhava sheva ) Port, Pirpav, Mormugao Port, Pipavav Port, Daman and Diu.

Seaclean Manufacturer and Supplier in BPT Mumbai Port Trust, Nhav Sheva - JNPT, Pirpava Chembur - Maharashtra. Principally Sea clean classified as marine degreaser and one of most popular tank cleaning detergent chemicals. Since 1995 our group division and R & D sectors changes its chemicals property to result as a powerful cleaning agent. As we noticed that presence of various grade of emulsifier in sea clean efectively dissolves heavy duty grease and hard deposited materials.

Prices of seaclean directly proportional to emulsifier concentration and locally lot of challenges we are facing by local vendor, As due to lack of efficient chemist knowledge many supplier define sea clean as only solvent cleaning materials, while our seaclean is blend of various emulsifier in solvent.

Seaclean works on 2 ways cleaning mechanism - Its solvent parts penetrate in to hard deposited greasy materials and emulsifier makes changes in property of grease to water soluble. Break up of solid deposited greasy materials are tricky job this can be only possible by selection of proper emulsifier. For example Bitumenous deposition can't be emulsify without addition of fatty acid derivative emulsifier, while greasy materials needs ethoxylated emulsifier. Here we can observe that combination of many emulsifer only works for multiple cleaning action. Continious working with our fixed customer given opportunity to ad more and more class of emulsifier. This is the reason our SEACLEAN is not in a line of other brand product. Our higher concentration of seaclean require very less in quantities during cleaning operation, which is resulting very economical. Higher concentration of Sea clean also resulting optimum cleaning result.

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